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Masdiag Laboratory focuses on creating and optimizing its own diagnostic methods that allow for testing without the need to visit a blood collection center. The laboratory's main area of activity is analysis using the material under investigation in the form of dried blood spot, employing mass spectrometry techniques, and lately, also immunochemistry.

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Wizja i misja

Vision and mission

We strive to become a world-class expert in the development of laboratory diagnostic methods using dried blood spot. The primary value of our actions is expressed by the slogan: Innovation - Knowledge - Practice.

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As a result of innovative research and development work carried out at Masdiag Laboratory, numerous publications have been published in recognized professional journals, and application notes are being created in collaboration with European centres.

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The interdisciplinary nature of our team of experts is also reflected in the education and professional experience of our management team. The wide range of skills and the combination of chemical and medical knowledge allow to manage the processes in a conscious and professional manner.

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Nasze marki

Our brands

In 2020, Masdiag Ltd. created its own brand dedicated to selling to individual customers, and in 2021, a subsidiary dedicated to broadly defined forensics was established as a result of the growing interest in the toxicology services provided.

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Nasi Klienci

Our costumers

The methods we develop are used both in routine laboratory diagnostics and are the basis for collaboration and implementation of many projects with medical and scientific research entities.

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Modern, regularly calibrated and maintained equipment, internal and external laboratory control combined with an implemented quality management system guarantee that the quality of our activities and services provided is a priority value.

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