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Masdiag Laboratory began operating in 2013, combining commercial activity in the field of medical diagnostics with scientific research.
Masdiag Laboratory focuses on creating and optimizing its own diagnostic methods to enable testing without the need to visit a collection point. Initially, the laboratory's main area of activity was analysis using LC-MS (mass spectrometry coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography) techniques and using the tested material in the form of dried blood spot (DBS).
Currently, methods from dry blood spot are still being developed, but with the use of immunochemical techniques such as immunochemiluminescence, ELISA, or immunoblotting.
Thanks to the Research and Development Department's commitment, innovative solutions are being developed on a global scale, which results in numerous scientific publications in recognised journals, and the developed diagnostic methods are being implemented into the Laboratory's routine activities.
Thanks to the adopted development strategy, an interdisciplinary team of experts has been created, including medical laboratory scientists, chemists, biotechnologists, biologists, computer scientists, and mathematicians. The result of their activities is a continually expanding portfolio of new methods applicable in laboratory medicine.