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Microsampling is a technique for acquiring a small volume of test material in a minimally invasive manner. A variety of microsampling systems have emerged in recent years. It is estimated that this market could be worth almost $2 billion by 2027.
Collection of capillary whole blood:
  • DBS - Dried Blood Spot
  • VAMS® - Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling - a system that allows the collection of a fixed sample volume
  • Mitra® sampler from Neoteryx® - a substrate consisting of a plastic handle and a hydrophilic polymer tip designed to collect a dedicated volume of capillary blood
  • HemaXis™ DB 10 - a system using microfluidic technology, allowing for the collection of a fixed volume of blood and transferring it to onto a filter paper
  • HemaPen® by Trajan Medical and Scientific - a platform for quantitative collection of a constant volume of blood into capillaries containing blotting papers
  • HemaSpot™ HF from Spot on Scienca - a windmill-shaped design for collecting capillary blood into triangular fields of blotting paper, ensuring uniform blood distribution, requiring no additional sample cutting equipment
  • Capitainer® qDBS and Capitainer® Vanadate from DCN Dx - allows quantitative collection of capillary blood in DBS form with a system based on microfluidic technology (Capitainer® Vanadate is dedicated to phosphatidylethanol determinations)
  • OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device by Drawbridge Health
  • Blood collection device by Boston Microfluids
  • Haiim blood microsampling device from Winnoz - used to collect approximately 200-500 µl of capillary blood into a special microtube
  • Tasso-M20 and Tasso+ from Tasso - a system for self-collection a quantitative amount of blood from the superficial skin layer of the upper arm onto filter paper (Tasso-M20) or into a microtube (Tasso+).
  • TAP Sample Collection Device by Yourbio / Seventh Sense Biosystems (7SBio) – used for self-collection of blood from the superficial skin layer of the upper arm into a microtube
  • Capillary systems - blood collection through fingerstick, placing the tip of the capillary on the forming drop, and adhesion of blood to the capillary.
Plasma collection:
  • DPS - application of centrifuged plasma onto filter paper
  • Capillaries coated with anticoagulant - collection of blood by puncturing the fingertip, placing the tip of the capillary in contact with the forming droplet and adhering the blood to the capillary, followed by centrifugation of the capillary to obtain plasma (system used in a laboratory setting)
  • Telimmune Plasma Separation Card / Noviplex card - plasma collection filter cards - 3-layer system for obtaining plasma from capillary blood without centrifugation
  • Samplla™ X
  • HemaXis™ DX - a system in the research phase for the passive isolation of plasma from whole blood based on microfluidic technology
  • Velvet™ blood collection device from Weavr Health
  • HemaSpot™ SE
  • Stat Shell with the Blood-DS™
Urine sample collection:
  • DUS – dried urine spot
  • Samplla™ S - cassette system for the application of urine for testing
  • Mitra® sampler from Neoteryx®
Saliva sample collection:
  • DSS - dried saliva spot
  • Saliva-Sampler®
  • Salivette® device from Sarstedt
  • Salimetrics Oral Swab (SOS) i Passive Drool (PD) from Stratech Scientific
  • Quantisal® from Immunalysis
  • SuperSAL™, VersiSAL®, SimplOFy™ Salivary DNA Collection Kit and other systems from Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation
  • OraSure®
  • Saliva-Sampler®
  • Oral Fluid Collection Device from Maddison
  • OralLab®
  • GeneFix Saliva DNA/RNA Collection from IsoheliX
Systems for collecting samples from animals:
  • Microsampling Wing™ Shimadzu - a system designed to collect plasma for scientific research, non-diagnostic
  • The Micro-SAL™ Small Animal Saliva Collection Device - a system designed to collect saliva from small animals